80 CFM

ReVent Ventilation Fan with Bluetooth Music



Model - RVM80

Performance - High airflow 80 CFM, low sound 0.9 sones

Use Siri or Google Assistant to:
• Stream music, podcast, e-book
• Make or take a call
• Text a friend
• Traffic, weather




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Housing Dimensions

Suggested Rooms

Three-Quarter Bath - A three-quarter bathroom is a small to medium sized bathroom commonly housing a vanity, toilet, and either a shower or a bath tub. This bathroom is normally found off a main living area in your home and is often referred to as a guest or common bathroom. This room sees higher levels of humidity and therefore will need a larger CFM model. We would recommend Humidity Protection for commonly used rooms.

Laundry Room - Unknown to most, the laundry room can create ideal conditions for mold to grow, as the dryer often generates large amounts of heat and moisture. Installing an exhaust fan in the laundry room is an effective tool for eliminating moisture.



Model RVM80
Exhaust Diameter 4 in (10.2 cm)
Voltage (volts) 120 V
Frequency (hertz) 60 Hz
Power (watts) 20.5 W
Air Flow at 0.1 CW 80 CFM
Noise (sones) 0.9 sones
Shield Size 11 x 11 in (27.9 x 27.9 cm)
Opening Length 8 ⅜ in (21.3 cm)
Opening Width 7 ⅞ in (20 cm)
Housing Length 8 ⅜ in (21.3 cm)
Housing Width 7 ⅞ in (20 cm)
Housing Depth 6 ⅜ in (16.2 cm)




performance at 4" ducting
Static Pressure
(in wg)
0.1 80 0.9 20.5 4 in
0.25 63   20.2 4 in












Remodel Installation

SheetLock is an innovative, time-saving installation. You never need attic access. ReVent installs completely from the room-side in half the time* – saving labor/cost. The tabs mount the fan directly to sheetrock – no mounting screws or wood needed.



New Construction Installation

ReVent includes traditional joist hangers for mounting directly to the ceiling joist or trusses during framing stages.



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ReVent 80 CFM Ventilation Fan

Model RVM80 | English/Spanish/French


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